Sunday, April 14, 2013

In a Noisy bar in Avalon i tried to call you,
But on a midnight watch i realized why twice you ran away...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bring these to Fruition..

Nothing will ever stop you,
Nothing ever will, 
No matter how much you think it will,
Your passion Devine and the running away, 
Pulls your feet here and slowly, 
Immersion is your reality.. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Could i perhaps stop this..

Every single day ,the breakfast and bacon
And starfish and jam ,they never could get along
With side orders of free mind and, baby 
Oh baby, silly pretty dresses u mustn’t wear

Monday, June 18, 2012

Street Lights

As we stand face to face, i cast a slow consuming look that penetrates
through your flesh and causes you to tremble with anxious desire. I
tuck my hand inside your panties and jerk you closer. My eyes bore
into yours as i, piece by piece, slowly rid you of every stitch. Then
i divest off my own clothing while you wait with baited breath.
I take my seat again and per my instruction, you climb the couch on
your knees and move astride my lap. Once more, our eyes meet and
converse in silence.mine, speaking of lust, of pure male demand.

You carefully position yourself over my cock. My gaze returns to your
face. I will use your anticipation to torment you. I command your
obedience with a strong grasp on your hip.

Desire festers within you and you ache to fuck me while i ruthlessly
tease you into agony with a slow finger. You whimper, your abdomen
contracting with the sensitivity being generated. You descend in
dismissal to watch your helpless cunt be driven to weeping--a misery
too sweet.

Only when i am ready, when i have soaked you to your satisfaction, do
i begin to guide you into a descent. Vibrant nerves soothe one by one,
wringing little gasps of pleasure with your glide downward. It warms
your heart that you are not alone in the fight against these waves of
ecstasy, lashing out to ensnare us into visionless sensation. 

Our gazes locked in resistance, i lower your full weight and complete 
the sheathing. Long-suppressed moans escape you and we come together

Urgent needs clamor but we ward them off for a demanding
mouth-to-mouth interlude that will not be deterred. How well we were
constructed to fit each other.

Stretched tight, full and moist, you remain in blessed awareness of my
presence inside your body as I let your hips initiate the first rhythm
of our dance. Attuned to your every need, i return your strokes,
easing you into the steady pace that will best escort you through your
journey to the summit.

Destination within grasp, your blood brews in preparation of the
percolation that is yours to come. Reaching, nearing...and yes,

But privacy is not yours to be had. I suddenly Clutch your hair just
as heat waves break loose and i jerk your head back. "I want to see
it," i roar, searching your face to find the ecstasy I have brought
upon you.

I bid your fluttering eyelids to remain open under the merciless
pounding of completion. My blatant satisfaction in conquering you
brings a whimper to your lips. you would not chance to miss such a
reward, regardless of how deeply you have fallen into the cups of

Intensity begins to ebb, raising the quiet screams of the passion
raging through you. How do you adequately declare that it is just not

A fierce need to mesh with me overcomes you and you lunge for
the appeasement. I resist briefly, then draw you hard against my chest
and its sanctuary.

Allowing passion to sweep me, i throw a cushion to the floor and
swiftly bring us down. Now, I must claim my own. 

You wrap your legs around my waist. If only you had the key of eternity to lock me
there... I rock for a deeper joining,I unleashe my hunger with a
punishing kiss. Then, the pounding begins in earnest.

Your screams grow louder, I thrust faster, your breath harshening in
the drive. When my fingertips catch your nipple and squeeze, your
demands turn more brutal--you cannot take enough. 

And then, one final delivering stroke and I grind to penetrate your soul. As the purging
commences, you strain to spread yourself wider so that i can take all
that i need, and you can receive all that i offer. 

I fill you. I fill your mind, your heart. I fill your body, your womb. 
I fill you with love, and I fill you with desire.
Could it, at last, be enough?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Click Clack Away

I saw you

You walked over
I clawed you
you dripped wet
I spoke
You came
I smoked
You typed your grocery list to your boyfriend on BBM..

Monday, June 21, 2010

someone told me there's a girl out there..

Too much pepper she mutered to herself and annoyingly slammed the shaker on the table.Not many tables around, about 8 maybe lazy tourits lounging or 4th wave hippies who live in the area.Smell of burning maal. Sound of her fork on the plate. My hot sweet honey lemon mint tea.... Waiting.sound of asian dub foundation on the speakers.

She spirits free and freed her to the mountains. We still haven;t spoken much and she is pretty much a stranger to me. Maybe it was just her red hair and Cute facial expression which made me come along. I am already thinking dirty things. I am picturing her in various sexual positions.
Her head bending backwards in doggy style, my hands on her ass guiding her forwards and backwards. I’d like to think she has a nasty Tattoo on her bum, a drunken tramp stamp. Her unshaven pusssy hair ....sweaty. My hands glide forward to feel her nipples.

She shoots me an intense look as if she knows what I am thinking about. But it;s only because I have been staring at her for half a minute As I fuck her in my mind. Women can feel these things. She smiles. Tells me my tea is growing old.I smile back. It’s almost like a smile post an orgasm. I want her. I don;t know her or her favorite band but my cock years to Splash all over her bosom in her mouth on her hair all over her.

She takes out a book out of her bag.i lean back. She stretches her legs under the table and leans back to read norwegian wood.murakami. I see her toes. Unkept yet ... They would be lethal in black nailcolor and high heels to match. I can imagine them on my shoulder when I am pounding her pussy late in the night amongst the creaking of the crickets and the bed.

When is a definite occurrence. If is not.
I am talking when already...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

peanutbutter handjob

"oh baby i can't wait to have me inside of me. i want you so bad. "


"maybe we should shag on the phone"

"no save your energy till i come tommo to pound your pussy to groundnut"

A conversation like this should hint towards a forthcoming night of mad steaming sex.

hair to the bone, blindfolds, bed post crumbling, a sea of crumpled bedsheets soaked fluid and various other cliche and non cliche images found in popular and im-popular media online and offline.

In my time, i have had a lot of bad sex. If you eat pizza everyday there's bound to be a few bad slices every now and then. some girls don't talk or make a sound, some don't move too much, some have goody-two-shoes beliefs and others who do it coz it's "cool"

But the one i cajooned with following the above phone conversation deserves a category of her own. when zombies, the living dead and the dead men of dunharrow had a threesome it must've been like this. Dark, gloomy and devoid of any life.

Act 1 Foreplay

Tits to kill, legs to open tiger woods' nine iron, a little black nightdress and makeup in bed. My cock got giddy and my hands were busy. the fire of the phone call channels through her loins with commanding horniness. A short but intense foreplay is usually a good indication of the animal-ness to follow.

Oh yeah. !!!

"fuck me"

Oh yeah !!!

… but apparently her jakyll does hyde. From a cheap amatuer porn video she went to an extra attending the funeral scene on deasperate housewives. Slow, fast, deep, short, lick slip, nick , tuck , pull , spank, twist, press, pressurise, suck, crank it up 5 notches… phew. No sound from the woman. In fact she was lying in the 'attention position' so perfectly that i expected the hail hitler salute anytime. Wait, maybe i should have tried that

"fuck me mein fuhrer"

same continued with blowjobs, titty fuck, handjobs, doggy fuck. The woman showed no emotion. Yet according to her she was having orgasms. My cock can't take it anymore.

how was this woman like this ?

Self esteem issues ? Daddy issues ? Sexual issues ? Or on the contrary she's bdsm or some shit. phew. Well i simply did what any man should have done after such terrible sex. Blew the load on her face and hair. Yeah, i wanna see you get THAT out of your hair in the morning and still make the 9 am meeting on time.

One drawback though, this night has put me off sex. so much that i can't even think about fucking anyone which is so bloody rare for me. Yet it has also made me decide that i have played in numbers for the better part of this decade. Now (at least for the remainder of this year) i am going to play only with girls with whom i have a certain amount of chemistry. Random sex don't cut it no more.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Public service announcement follows...

I was speaking to supercool guy and we were having our bi monthly skype talk. we talk shit, trash people trade new abuse words etc etc. somewhere along the line he suggested to me that the best three words in english language are "i don't care". and i suddenly begun to see the marvel that is this combination of abcd's !!

Let me provide an example to you puppies.

She : you're not wearing pants ?
inexile : i don't care

She : is that your ex girlfriend ?
inexile : i don't care

She : i didn't cum
inexile : i don't care

She : but you have a girlfriend
inexile : i don't care

and the best use of this EVER is

She : i have a boyfriend...
inexile : i don't care


This is more likely to get your girlfriend, dream girl , wet fantasy to pay
attention to you than if you just tell her that you love her or how pretty
she is or how sweet it is to be with her !! Most (99%) women will play
bitch games with you. throw their shit back at them
but this doesn't ever mean that ...

She : My dog died
inexile : i don't care !!!

NO NEVER...don't be a prick just be an asshole.... Good luck ye wankers !

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i just saw one of the worst films ever ! ghosts of girlfriends!! WTF !! why does hollywood have to feminize and cuntisise every real character. why do they create such characters in the first place ? conner mead the hero is a womanizer, who has been taught game by his uncle since he was little. over the course the horrible fucking count of other characters which are in the story dehumanize him to a wimp. i was puking inwards.

My problem with mass media depiction of pussy boys is that other pussy boys think that's how it's supposed to happen. That they have to pursue (yuck) women and listen to "how am i supposed to live without you" and cry and beg their way through. that love is the fucking answer to it all and matches are made in heaven.

no there is no love except what you feel for your mother your father your kids maybe your sibling. you love your wife and she goes blows a man how much love is there ? it's all bullshit… all that is their is illusion !! 99% are in love with the idea of a girlfriend or boyfriend. or it;s comfort relationships. we have a girlfriend or a boyfriend coz ... Just !!

We need MEN not pussy whipped boys. this shit makes me so angry… if tere's something i hate more than power hungry bitch cunt feminists is pussy whipped boy. they bring misery to themselves. it's their fault that girls dump them and no one gives a shit about them. motherfuckers.

oh and to people who will read this and make judgements and call me woman hater !! go fuck your mothers … oh and jennifer garner is so fucking ugly !

Thursday, July 30, 2009

and then they all jumped into a tub full of tobasco ..

I love the response to the last blog post. I laid a trap for potential visitors. Announced it out loud and put a sign saying "Trap here" and they all fell into it and burned a few mg's of their blood venting on my comments page. awwww

Few of them are regular bashers and cunts du jour (i say this with utmost affection ), but the one i liked the most was Douche muffin. Douche Fucking muffin. Yes he's a boy who calls himself Muffin. Douche Muffin. let me paint a picture of him. Definately not a gym boy (evening new age yoga classes with his "girl-pals", yes), definately wears glasses those metrosexual-herb kinds. is well versed with his emotional/sensitive sides crap. has no girl or super ugly girl or has a girl just so no one calls him out of his gay closet. These are the boys who get bahsed by the Men of the society and find solace in the unsexually charged platonic relationships with women. Oh yeah and they shop a lot and can color coordinate your curtains. Everyone please send a dildo to douche bag cunt muffin on his bud-day !!

his interests are ethenic cleansing !!! maybe if he cleansed all the real men he would get some pussy (assuming hes just fashionably bi) ?? or some respect ??? or feel less threatened ??

Many times i meet a lot of people who go at great lengths to find rare music/rare films / rare books so they can talk about them at social events or parties ! they will go through the said content and argue for and against it or with it till death as they adjust their black rimmed glasses. now i want to know whay is Michael Jackson not there in his favorite music or beatles. There possibly can't be someone who listens to popular music who doesn;t like michael jackson or beatles. One out of these two is a necessity. Why do we have to go write these unknown shites ??

now that;s not to say all people who listen to un-mainstream music are cunts. Lostlittlegirl who commented on my last post is a example. she listens to weird shit coz it makes her pussy flutter and fills her heart with joy and not coz she has to talk about it at parties. but it guys like cunt muffin that make my inner bozo thump. Ok anyhow i am going to address douche cunt;s comment now.

he says You should take your generic rock pedaling ass and get yourself an education in irony.

"pedaling Ass" Doesn;t say that all ? guy is not getting any cock and has reached a stage where internet gay porn doesn;t get his balls filled with cum. he goes on to puke further all over my comments page

Your inane, grammatically confused blather was amusing in a 'this shit is so bad, it's good' way, but this, your misogyny masquerading as catharsis, plunges new depths of vacuous, male bravado posturing, you fucking throwback to the 1970s rockstar cliche.

Obviously my True to myself Piss in the wind speak my mind writing caused his cock to fizz but being a good gay boy whose spend days and days platonically watching women talk about boys as they ask him to hold the eye pencil for them he has learned midgames,he will play to get his man.

I don;t know the meaning of misogny, catharsis or vacuous so i ignored that line. someone care to translate ?? he calls me a throwback to rockstar cliche. I took that as a compliment. Albeit from a queer frustrated metrosexual warming up his parents sofa with his cock demanding ass. I look forward to meeting such people who bring such joy and laughter to your life just by being them. So much so i even forgot about what the fuck was i planning to write.

anyhow the real answer
It's MY BLOG. I'll write whatever the fuck i want. The people who come here who know me know the fact behind
these stories and they know what my sentiments are about women and such. Every person has their own reality.
Just coz what happens in theirs is not congruent with yours doesn;t mean it's all "gas" or "bullshit"
or "fantasy". I know i am leading a good life when i gate hated upon. thank you all bazz-urds.
See you faster than a caster !!

Friday, June 19, 2009

i love all you girls who are true to your own identity and not following fads...

Everyone i seem to meet seems to have a dealer. not the kinds in psuedo black tux uttering "the dealer has 21" but the kinds who meet you at designated traffic lights to pass 'stuff'. or maybe that was some years ago when this film writer i know used to score coke. point in case.

i am fucking this bollywood-lover-punk rock-jane austen rocks chick in delhi. sweet yet brutal, timid and horny with tits that kill. after i shoot a few rounds of my godly sprinkly cum in her mouth she has this utter thirst for charas. What does she do ? pick up phone, call the dealer. home delivery system. 2 T's on the way. but the best part when she calls her dealer, she starts the call with "salaam bhai jaan". WTF. if a stranger to the situation just walked he would've thought she was talking to a long time no see friend. Brilliant.

I also ended up going to the valley of parvati. Now i think there they put you in jail if you DONT carry charas around. There were dealers who sold us stuff like it was achaar. couple spliff's we dont like it then we give it back. no hard feelings. My friend must've smoked 1T just testing diffrent maal from diffrent people. quite an experience which i secretly and coyly manage to record on the phone's audio recorder. surreal some of their stories.


I am still with portugese girl. everyday she loves me more and more. and i like her a bit more than before especially now that i am fucking around and don't feel claustrophobed into the relationship(yuk) corner. She is very scared that i might be cheating but what she fails to realise is that the more i fuck around the stronger my bond will be to her. she's too sweet and innocent to realise this. she is without a doubt the best girlfriend i ever had, not one find i still find in her except that she is a bit too loving sometimes. and the worst part is i want to fuck this hot friend of hers. if everything goes to plan this should be accomplished very soon without ragazza portugesa coming to know of anything. female friendships are disposable anyways. i know (and admire) boys who have fucked sisters so.

To a lot of socially conditioned persons especially those things with tits we call women this will sound offensive coz obviously they fail to realise how much i love women and respect them. definately way more than the boys who pretend to be "friends" with girls only to call her a slut when the boy gang sits at the coffee shop checking out girls and gossiping(yes boys gossip). and the boys who will play the harmless friend and go home and shag all over the facebook pictures of their "platonic female friends".

it's simple i wanna (respectfully( fuck you and make sure we both have the best time and if it clicks we can be friends. i will keep my mouth shut and hope you do too also. i won't tell boys i fucked you to show off and will keep it our little secret (which makes it sweet). if you don't wanna fuck me then i'll move on and not obsess over/send desperate mails/ shag over your pics. inspite of all this i know enough women who will try trashing me to confetti just by reading what i wrote. in fact for these women i'll throw in an extra bone.


ready ?

"All women are whores"... i hope somebody gets pissed at least ...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the indian breakup saaga..

to laze is to not write a blog. For a while now i've known this girl. lovely girl with curves in the right places and a face to be cummed upon a thousand times. so this girl happily martyred in a 8 year old relationship with a boy boring than burmese art films but perfect to be the main lead in any Rajshri productions film. Boy is a family man, all his facebook status msgs are about the girl, lets call her angelwhore and him joker. While joker has obviously no idea how a girl's pussy is wired to her mind/emotions. he devotes life and facebook to his angelwhore. tells the whole world 9 times a day on his page how much he loves her. 

His whole family is also involved. his family loves her and adores her and sees her as a potential wife for him. they decided they will get them married this december. they are so much in love and even the little kids of the family adore her. So angelwhore used to come to  my shows quite regularly, coz one of my band members is related to the joker. it was very obvious to me that her pussy skipped a beat for me and she always paid that extra little attention to me. but Bro's before Ho's. As much as i wanted to spank her ass and make her call me 'daddy' i couldnt. she was with joker boy.

one day she wakes up , calls joker boy and tells him its over and now starts the indian breakup saga. 

Step 1 : he asks what he has done wrong. he starts with sms, getting no reply he calls when calls are not being picked up he writes long email. then he apologies for whatever he has done tho he doesn't know what/why. she is polite to him in a social way but it's over.

step 2: he reminds her of old times to which she obviously has no attachement. it fails miserably, his heart sinks lower.

step3: he sends gifts. The joker sends food/cake/flowers for her co-workers. how will that get her back to him ??

step4: joker takes his sister's advice and stops calling her or taking her call. coz as his sister said "if you stop paying attention to her she will come back to you". so the next time he calls angelwhore, she busts on him for not taking her call sinking his heart further into his knees.

step 5 : joker makes family member call angelwhore and tell her how they were driving somewhere and a song came on the radio and joker had tears in his eyes. angelwhore obviously can't answer back as she has a new guy's cock stuffed in her mouth.

step 6 : joker makes family member call angelwhore and tell her how she has taken it hard and is not keeping well at all. how will this make her come back i dont understand. i mean maybe she'll just pity him. the next thing is the news sent to her that he's in the hospital.

step 7 : since she won;t take his calls or reply to text. he takes to facebook. he msgs her and scraps her while she politely replies to them. obviously not giving a shit.

step 8 : he listens to sad songs all this while and remains sad for two years, when he finds another girl and the same old cycle will begin..

Now this girl angelwhore all this while has been seeing another guy whose the same kind of loser except that he is better looking... If only joker had ignored her when she wanted to breakup and to move on over just gone out and fucked ten other girls it would have been so much diffrent. Her pussy would've fluttered and she would've felt a bitch slap when she would've seen him flirt and makeout with another girl. 

if only he had run game on other girls and not ran so much after the angelwhore. but anyhow.since the rule of bro's before ho's doesn't apply anymore, i am going to go game angelwhore and get her in bed... she seems like such an angel to everyone and i can;t wait to get the whore in her out.. "whose your daddy ??"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i was choked by the breasts of a persian woman with fake tits..

Still with portugese girl ! she's still cute, hot, loving caring .. etc. i still adore her lil bit.

SO one of the reasons why i am so fond of her and think of her a bit highly from others (altho she posseses no skill or craft or intelligence which makes her so distinguishable) is that she didn't put out on day 1. i like the fact that gently and non-rudely she shielded her pussy.

coz the way it works is that when so many girls open their legs so quickly and so widely , my default opinion of any girl i meet is "horny slut/whore/bitchy until' she proves it otherwise to me". It's tough for me to respect them till they give me a reason to. This also means that sex is no longer an act of love.  Sex is.. to fuck . She cums , she cums again, hot bodies sweat, my jizz her face.. all this but not an act of love or some shit. It's relieving of sexual energy build in my balls. this also has absolutely stopped me from getting close to any girls (apart from physically).

this also means that i have an even shorter temper and decreased patience to work things out when somethin goes wrong. Because i know i can go out and meet other women and pump (and subsequently Dump them). Unless they want to be beer buddies.

i sometimes really wonder how guys with no game survive in relationships. Coz even tho you're in a relationship, girls never stop testing you. Well what i have seen though, is that in a family oriented country like india... girls are rather forgiving/accommodating and would maybe have a comfortable, man - friday as a boyfriend simply coz they require a sense of belonging..and the sheer necessity of being in a relationship too.. ah fuck it why am i wasting time over loser boy lives !!..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

and i thot we would never get along..

every-time i start a post i start with "so much has been happening". this post is no diffrent. lot has happened in the past few weeks. so much exciting stuff so many new people new songs. but me hooking up with Portuguese girl really stands out of all of em. i have actually been seeing a girl for the last 3 weeks. 3 weeks one girl only, not fucked around with anyone else. who would've thot ?

I have tried so hard to scout for them but , In her not one ounce of bitchiness, meanness or anything evil. her sheer genuine kindness and innocence attracted me. not one thing i can find in her which can give me a reason to walk out. and on top of that she's a wild cat in bed, smiles like an evenstar, good sense of fashion, pretty face and kisses like the kiss of death, cooks food, helps me with shopping, gets along with my pals, visits me in the studio with red bulls when i have a long session, never gets jealous when i talk about other girls or exe's, genuinely asks me questions when i tell her stories or about other people she hasn't met, is loved by old, young, family , friends, neighbours, dogs cats etc. has no mental fuckups or emotional hangups and plays the piano like fuck and sings oh la la !!

there's just one problem ... she is madly in love with me...!.. and i am afraid i might get bored of it very quick ...

Friday, March 13, 2009

i had to type this in one go before i forgot her soft tender lips...

So these have been exciting few weeks. my game went up a whole full notch. Playing this show, great show, kickass crowd. while playing i glance, next to stage left MILF in short dress long hair pretty face dancing. My dick said Hi !! and i notice that she is standing next to this guy i know ! Mental Note : talk to him after the show.

Show ends. Regular hob nob-in. First i see Forbidden Girl. Now she is forbidden coz she is my very close friend's to be sister in law. the girl has the hots for me, has expressed them non verbally but again Bros Before ho's. so anyhow with a sweet wave of hand and a twinkle of her eye she takes my leave. My heart breaks. if only she wasn;t forbidden the things i'd do to that neck of hers. No problem. Inexile moves on and the guy next to the milf, lets call him jackichan comes to me. Since MILF has been eyeing me all night i figured she has asked him to introduce her to me. After making him wait for ten minutes i go with him. We go there he introduces me to MILF and a second girl. It's too loud inside and i won't be able to spit game so i make them come outside to smoke (first time the smoking ban helped me in any way). We go out I am standing laid back on the rails jackie chan is on my left and MILF is not in my radar. Why ?? coz when we came out i saw the second girl. she wore a red chequered-girlyish cap a red top of some parisian sorts and a black slit skirt. I looked at her she looked at me i stared into her eyes she smiled and looked away. i was in love.

Right then jackie chan introduces me to his girlfriend. Yes the second girl. We will call her Dearest. So anyhow i can;t spit game jackiechan is a US marine. he will beat the shit out of me. but dearest and me are eye flirting. She touches my arm hair and tells me she doesn't like men who have any hair on their arms. Jackie chan proudly displays his on her command. He thinks he's being yo cool while obviously ignorant to all the eye flirting going on .

i always say eye flirting a science and i am proved right when jacki chan has no clue wats goin on and invites me back to his girlfriend's place fr drinking and shit. i look at her she is smiling. i realise GAME ON. she is green light. ok so i make them wait 20 mins before i grab my stuf say bye to my friends tell my guitar player (who was hokking up with another hot cutie) he is on my SOS dial in case shit happens. I get in her car. she is the designated driver. She tries to chat me in the car i ignore everything and talk to the boring boring jackie chan.

Car stereo plays seal's "prayer for the dying" . she wins my heart. we are eye flirting in the rear view mirror as i am sitting diagonal to her. Logistics are so important in flirting. I make her look away everytime our eyes locked. (very important this boys). so we reach her super sexy house. wtf she is an artist. amazing painter. + 10 points

As soon as we settle she starts making huge pegs for the boyfriend who in his manly haze starts drinking them all. When a girl wants something she will eliminate obstacles. I manage to get the MILF drunk in the meantime. so its me dearest and jackichan. Jackichan is hazy and dearest starts asking me questions all of which i avoid. Dearest is curious beyond anything. She is pouring me beer, offering cigarettes and wants me to sing aloud every time i hum. in the meantime i manage to figure out her life. 30 (tho i thot she was 24) divorced. Half British half Indian. In her house clothes she looks prettier than fancy clothes. I am falling in lust. we are sitting silent for about 10 minutes smoking and drinking.

and then in the dead quite of the night on a stralit night surrounded by greenery and 2 silent dogs she starts singing. " ajeeb dastan hai yeh...". pitch perfect. i am falling further in lust. At the sound of the foreign language the boyfriend wakes up. He demands English. we continue to speak in hindi and she's throwing in bits of punjabi. Oh so cute. i wanna throw her against a wall and bite her neck. jackichan is getting pissed. "There's more than language going on here". she tells him that old hindi songs can;t be translated. i in the meantime keep making her sing more songs. all situational romantic songs. she is smiling. she is flirting. the boyfriend is getting pissed.

somehow the talk turns to casablanca. She says she hates the film. i say bullshit (coz i know she hates it just coz she can;t have that romance). i tell the boyfriend she is bullshitting. he asks her why she doesn't answer he asks her 10 more times. she blows up. you know that moment the girl gets irritated on her boyfriend coz there's someone else much better. He starts begging for forgiveness. At that moment i start singing " you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss..." she looks at me with doggy eyes and smiles and starts singing. The boyfriend is pissed beyond fuck. she is ignoring him and singing. she finishes the song and i finish the cigarette.

she looks at the sulking jackiechan turns to me and in a very flirty "i wish my boyfriend wasn't here" way says "you're such an asshole". I say "that's why you like me so much". Her pussy beats two beats instead of one and i know she wants me. right this moment Jackiechan gets up and punches me in the stomach. It hurt oh it hurt. She flips out throws him down. and slaps him. i won. i excuse myself go to the loo take a piss. when i come back they have patched up or so jackiechan thinks. He just lost her. Well don;t get a superhot girlfriend if you can't be man enough and fend of other men. I want her and that's all i know. she can see the lusty passion in my eyes and there's nothing jackie chan can do to avoid that.

I decided to depart she offers to drop me to a cab. Jackiechan hears this and tags along. I purposely forget my cigarettes and once outside the house tell him to go get it (while i get her phone number). By the time she reversed and i sat in the car that guy ran a fuckingsprint and i swear he went to and fro in like 7 seconds. Insecurity to max. SO after this amazing night with this gorgeous lovely lady i couldn;t get herfucking phone number. I don't know how to get to her. i search facebook, myspace she is nowhere.

sigh. i am so heartbroken. If it wasn;t for the hugetits milf hotness i met last week or my other fuck buddies i would be a miserable romeo.

Since that day jackiechan has messaged me to apologise for his behaviour (which obviously she made him do). then i reply with how i loved his girlfriend's art and then today i get a message from him (which obviusly she made him send) which has her email address in case i want to buy her paints. i reply with a list of all the upcoming shows where i'll play coz i know that although she might next to him cuddling in their bed she is reading these mesages. this goes on for a few messages and i can figure out that she is dictating them to him. It was beautiful howpoor jackiechan never realised and so many messages were exchanged. I love it. I love a woman who can be as conceited as she is. Now i don't give a shit about relationships, i just want her in a blinded by lust society and all the rules. I can see her already running around naked in my house painting pictures. She is totally eligible to be the no 1 pick on my rotation. i lust her that much. Phew. In a world full of carbon copy girls whi issues galore it's so refreshing to meet one such twinky.