Monday, November 02, 2009

A Public service announcement follows...

I was speaking to supercool guy and we were having our bi monthly skype talk. we talk shit, trash people trade new abuse words etc etc. somewhere along the line he suggested to me that the best three words in english language are "i don't care". and i suddenly begun to see the marvel that is this combination of abcd's !!

Let me provide an example to you puppies.

She : you're not wearing pants ?
inexile : i don't care

She : is that your ex girlfriend ?
inexile : i don't care

She : i didn't cum
inexile : i don't care

She : but you have a girlfriend
inexile : i don't care

and the best use of this EVER is

She : i have a boyfriend...
inexile : i don't care


This is more likely to get your girlfriend, dream girl , wet fantasy to pay
attention to you than if you just tell her that you love her or how pretty
she is or how sweet it is to be with her !! Most (99%) women will play
bitch games with you. throw their shit back at them
but this doesn't ever mean that ...

She : My dog died
inexile : i don't care !!!

NO NEVER...don't be a prick just be an asshole.... Good luck ye wankers !