Sunday, May 24, 2009

the indian breakup saaga..

to laze is to not write a blog. For a while now i've known this girl. lovely girl with curves in the right places and a face to be cummed upon a thousand times. so this girl happily martyred in a 8 year old relationship with a boy boring than burmese art films but perfect to be the main lead in any Rajshri productions film. Boy is a family man, all his facebook status msgs are about the girl, lets call her angelwhore and him joker. While joker has obviously no idea how a girl's pussy is wired to her mind/emotions. he devotes life and facebook to his angelwhore. tells the whole world 9 times a day on his page how much he loves her. 

His whole family is also involved. his family loves her and adores her and sees her as a potential wife for him. they decided they will get them married this december. they are so much in love and even the little kids of the family adore her. So angelwhore used to come to  my shows quite regularly, coz one of my band members is related to the joker. it was very obvious to me that her pussy skipped a beat for me and she always paid that extra little attention to me. but Bro's before Ho's. As much as i wanted to spank her ass and make her call me 'daddy' i couldnt. she was with joker boy.

one day she wakes up , calls joker boy and tells him its over and now starts the indian breakup saga. 

Step 1 : he asks what he has done wrong. he starts with sms, getting no reply he calls when calls are not being picked up he writes long email. then he apologies for whatever he has done tho he doesn't know what/why. she is polite to him in a social way but it's over.

step 2: he reminds her of old times to which she obviously has no attachement. it fails miserably, his heart sinks lower.

step3: he sends gifts. The joker sends food/cake/flowers for her co-workers. how will that get her back to him ??

step4: joker takes his sister's advice and stops calling her or taking her call. coz as his sister said "if you stop paying attention to her she will come back to you". so the next time he calls angelwhore, she busts on him for not taking her call sinking his heart further into his knees.

step 5 : joker makes family member call angelwhore and tell her how they were driving somewhere and a song came on the radio and joker had tears in his eyes. angelwhore obviously can't answer back as she has a new guy's cock stuffed in her mouth.

step 6 : joker makes family member call angelwhore and tell her how she has taken it hard and is not keeping well at all. how will this make her come back i dont understand. i mean maybe she'll just pity him. the next thing is the news sent to her that he's in the hospital.

step 7 : since she won;t take his calls or reply to text. he takes to facebook. he msgs her and scraps her while she politely replies to them. obviously not giving a shit.

step 8 : he listens to sad songs all this while and remains sad for two years, when he finds another girl and the same old cycle will begin..

Now this girl angelwhore all this while has been seeing another guy whose the same kind of loser except that he is better looking... If only joker had ignored her when she wanted to breakup and to move on over just gone out and fucked ten other girls it would have been so much diffrent. Her pussy would've fluttered and she would've felt a bitch slap when she would've seen him flirt and makeout with another girl. 

if only he had run game on other girls and not ran so much after the angelwhore. but anyhow.since the rule of bro's before ho's doesn't apply anymore, i am going to go game angelwhore and get her in bed... she seems like such an angel to everyone and i can;t wait to get the whore in her out.. "whose your daddy ??"