Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i was choked by the breasts of a persian woman with fake tits..

Still with portugese girl ! she's still cute, hot, loving caring .. etc. i still adore her lil bit.

SO one of the reasons why i am so fond of her and think of her a bit highly from others (altho she posseses no skill or craft or intelligence which makes her so distinguishable) is that she didn't put out on day 1. i like the fact that gently and non-rudely she shielded her pussy.

coz the way it works is that when so many girls open their legs so quickly and so widely , my default opinion of any girl i meet is "horny slut/whore/bitchy until' she proves it otherwise to me". It's tough for me to respect them till they give me a reason to. This also means that sex is no longer an act of love.  Sex is.. to fuck . She cums , she cums again, hot bodies sweat, my jizz her face.. all this but not an act of love or some shit. It's relieving of sexual energy build in my balls. this also has absolutely stopped me from getting close to any girls (apart from physically).

this also means that i have an even shorter temper and decreased patience to work things out when somethin goes wrong. Because i know i can go out and meet other women and pump (and subsequently Dump them). Unless they want to be beer buddies.

i sometimes really wonder how guys with no game survive in relationships. Coz even tho you're in a relationship, girls never stop testing you. Well what i have seen though, is that in a family oriented country like india... girls are rather forgiving/accommodating and would maybe have a comfortable, man - friday as a boyfriend simply coz they require a sense of belonging..and the sheer necessity of being in a relationship too.. ah fuck it why am i wasting time over loser boy lives !!..

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