Wednesday, April 15, 2009

and i thot we would never get along..

every-time i start a post i start with "so much has been happening". this post is no diffrent. lot has happened in the past few weeks. so much exciting stuff so many new people new songs. but me hooking up with Portuguese girl really stands out of all of em. i have actually been seeing a girl for the last 3 weeks. 3 weeks one girl only, not fucked around with anyone else. who would've thot ?

I have tried so hard to scout for them but , In her not one ounce of bitchiness, meanness or anything evil. her sheer genuine kindness and innocence attracted me. not one thing i can find in her which can give me a reason to walk out. and on top of that she's a wild cat in bed, smiles like an evenstar, good sense of fashion, pretty face and kisses like the kiss of death, cooks food, helps me with shopping, gets along with my pals, visits me in the studio with red bulls when i have a long session, never gets jealous when i talk about other girls or exe's, genuinely asks me questions when i tell her stories or about other people she hasn't met, is loved by old, young, family , friends, neighbours, dogs cats etc. has no mental fuckups or emotional hangups and plays the piano like fuck and sings oh la la !!

there's just one problem ... she is madly in love with me...!.. and i am afraid i might get bored of it very quick ...