Friday, March 13, 2009

i had to type this in one go before i forgot her soft tender lips...

So these have been exciting few weeks. my game went up a whole full notch. Playing this show, great show, kickass crowd. while playing i glance, next to stage left MILF in short dress long hair pretty face dancing. My dick said Hi !! and i notice that she is standing next to this guy i know ! Mental Note : talk to him after the show.

Show ends. Regular hob nob-in. First i see Forbidden Girl. Now she is forbidden coz she is my very close friend's to be sister in law. the girl has the hots for me, has expressed them non verbally but again Bros Before ho's. so anyhow with a sweet wave of hand and a twinkle of her eye she takes my leave. My heart breaks. if only she wasn;t forbidden the things i'd do to that neck of hers. No problem. Inexile moves on and the guy next to the milf, lets call him jackichan comes to me. Since MILF has been eyeing me all night i figured she has asked him to introduce her to me. After making him wait for ten minutes i go with him. We go there he introduces me to MILF and a second girl. It's too loud inside and i won't be able to spit game so i make them come outside to smoke (first time the smoking ban helped me in any way). We go out I am standing laid back on the rails jackie chan is on my left and MILF is not in my radar. Why ?? coz when we came out i saw the second girl. she wore a red chequered-girlyish cap a red top of some parisian sorts and a black slit skirt. I looked at her she looked at me i stared into her eyes she smiled and looked away. i was in love.

Right then jackie chan introduces me to his girlfriend. Yes the second girl. We will call her Dearest. So anyhow i can;t spit game jackiechan is a US marine. he will beat the shit out of me. but dearest and me are eye flirting. She touches my arm hair and tells me she doesn't like men who have any hair on their arms. Jackie chan proudly displays his on her command. He thinks he's being yo cool while obviously ignorant to all the eye flirting going on .

i always say eye flirting a science and i am proved right when jacki chan has no clue wats goin on and invites me back to his girlfriend's place fr drinking and shit. i look at her she is smiling. i realise GAME ON. she is green light. ok so i make them wait 20 mins before i grab my stuf say bye to my friends tell my guitar player (who was hokking up with another hot cutie) he is on my SOS dial in case shit happens. I get in her car. she is the designated driver. She tries to chat me in the car i ignore everything and talk to the boring boring jackie chan.

Car stereo plays seal's "prayer for the dying" . she wins my heart. we are eye flirting in the rear view mirror as i am sitting diagonal to her. Logistics are so important in flirting. I make her look away everytime our eyes locked. (very important this boys). so we reach her super sexy house. wtf she is an artist. amazing painter. + 10 points

As soon as we settle she starts making huge pegs for the boyfriend who in his manly haze starts drinking them all. When a girl wants something she will eliminate obstacles. I manage to get the MILF drunk in the meantime. so its me dearest and jackichan. Jackichan is hazy and dearest starts asking me questions all of which i avoid. Dearest is curious beyond anything. She is pouring me beer, offering cigarettes and wants me to sing aloud every time i hum. in the meantime i manage to figure out her life. 30 (tho i thot she was 24) divorced. Half British half Indian. In her house clothes she looks prettier than fancy clothes. I am falling in lust. we are sitting silent for about 10 minutes smoking and drinking.

and then in the dead quite of the night on a stralit night surrounded by greenery and 2 silent dogs she starts singing. " ajeeb dastan hai yeh...". pitch perfect. i am falling further in lust. At the sound of the foreign language the boyfriend wakes up. He demands English. we continue to speak in hindi and she's throwing in bits of punjabi. Oh so cute. i wanna throw her against a wall and bite her neck. jackichan is getting pissed. "There's more than language going on here". she tells him that old hindi songs can;t be translated. i in the meantime keep making her sing more songs. all situational romantic songs. she is smiling. she is flirting. the boyfriend is getting pissed.

somehow the talk turns to casablanca. She says she hates the film. i say bullshit (coz i know she hates it just coz she can;t have that romance). i tell the boyfriend she is bullshitting. he asks her why she doesn't answer he asks her 10 more times. she blows up. you know that moment the girl gets irritated on her boyfriend coz there's someone else much better. He starts begging for forgiveness. At that moment i start singing " you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss..." she looks at me with doggy eyes and smiles and starts singing. The boyfriend is pissed beyond fuck. she is ignoring him and singing. she finishes the song and i finish the cigarette.

she looks at the sulking jackiechan turns to me and in a very flirty "i wish my boyfriend wasn't here" way says "you're such an asshole". I say "that's why you like me so much". Her pussy beats two beats instead of one and i know she wants me. right this moment Jackiechan gets up and punches me in the stomach. It hurt oh it hurt. She flips out throws him down. and slaps him. i won. i excuse myself go to the loo take a piss. when i come back they have patched up or so jackiechan thinks. He just lost her. Well don;t get a superhot girlfriend if you can't be man enough and fend of other men. I want her and that's all i know. she can see the lusty passion in my eyes and there's nothing jackie chan can do to avoid that.

I decided to depart she offers to drop me to a cab. Jackiechan hears this and tags along. I purposely forget my cigarettes and once outside the house tell him to go get it (while i get her phone number). By the time she reversed and i sat in the car that guy ran a fuckingsprint and i swear he went to and fro in like 7 seconds. Insecurity to max. SO after this amazing night with this gorgeous lovely lady i couldn;t get herfucking phone number. I don't know how to get to her. i search facebook, myspace she is nowhere.

sigh. i am so heartbroken. If it wasn;t for the hugetits milf hotness i met last week or my other fuck buddies i would be a miserable romeo.

Since that day jackiechan has messaged me to apologise for his behaviour (which obviously she made him do). then i reply with how i loved his girlfriend's art and then today i get a message from him (which obviusly she made him send) which has her email address in case i want to buy her paints. i reply with a list of all the upcoming shows where i'll play coz i know that although she might next to him cuddling in their bed she is reading these mesages. this goes on for a few messages and i can figure out that she is dictating them to him. It was beautiful howpoor jackiechan never realised and so many messages were exchanged. I love it. I love a woman who can be as conceited as she is. Now i don't give a shit about relationships, i just want her in a blinded by lust society and all the rules. I can see her already running around naked in my house painting pictures. She is totally eligible to be the no 1 pick on my rotation. i lust her that much. Phew. In a world full of carbon copy girls whi issues galore it's so refreshing to meet one such twinky.