Monday, June 18, 2012

Street Lights

As we stand face to face, i cast a slow consuming look that penetrates
through your flesh and causes you to tremble with anxious desire. I
tuck my hand inside your panties and jerk you closer. My eyes bore
into yours as i, piece by piece, slowly rid you of every stitch. Then
i divest off my own clothing while you wait with baited breath.
I take my seat again and per my instruction, you climb the couch on
your knees and move astride my lap. Once more, our eyes meet and
converse in silence.mine, speaking of lust, of pure male demand.

You carefully position yourself over my cock. My gaze returns to your
face. I will use your anticipation to torment you. I command your
obedience with a strong grasp on your hip.

Desire festers within you and you ache to fuck me while i ruthlessly
tease you into agony with a slow finger. You whimper, your abdomen
contracting with the sensitivity being generated. You descend in
dismissal to watch your helpless cunt be driven to weeping--a misery
too sweet.

Only when i am ready, when i have soaked you to your satisfaction, do
i begin to guide you into a descent. Vibrant nerves soothe one by one,
wringing little gasps of pleasure with your glide downward. It warms
your heart that you are not alone in the fight against these waves of
ecstasy, lashing out to ensnare us into visionless sensation. 

Our gazes locked in resistance, i lower your full weight and complete 
the sheathing. Long-suppressed moans escape you and we come together

Urgent needs clamor but we ward them off for a demanding
mouth-to-mouth interlude that will not be deterred. How well we were
constructed to fit each other.

Stretched tight, full and moist, you remain in blessed awareness of my
presence inside your body as I let your hips initiate the first rhythm
of our dance. Attuned to your every need, i return your strokes,
easing you into the steady pace that will best escort you through your
journey to the summit.

Destination within grasp, your blood brews in preparation of the
percolation that is yours to come. Reaching, nearing...and yes,

But privacy is not yours to be had. I suddenly Clutch your hair just
as heat waves break loose and i jerk your head back. "I want to see
it," i roar, searching your face to find the ecstasy I have brought
upon you.

I bid your fluttering eyelids to remain open under the merciless
pounding of completion. My blatant satisfaction in conquering you
brings a whimper to your lips. you would not chance to miss such a
reward, regardless of how deeply you have fallen into the cups of

Intensity begins to ebb, raising the quiet screams of the passion
raging through you. How do you adequately declare that it is just not

A fierce need to mesh with me overcomes you and you lunge for
the appeasement. I resist briefly, then draw you hard against my chest
and its sanctuary.

Allowing passion to sweep me, i throw a cushion to the floor and
swiftly bring us down. Now, I must claim my own. 

You wrap your legs around my waist. If only you had the key of eternity to lock me
there... I rock for a deeper joining,I unleashe my hunger with a
punishing kiss. Then, the pounding begins in earnest.

Your screams grow louder, I thrust faster, your breath harshening in
the drive. When my fingertips catch your nipple and squeeze, your
demands turn more brutal--you cannot take enough. 

And then, one final delivering stroke and I grind to penetrate your soul. As the purging
commences, you strain to spread yourself wider so that i can take all
that i need, and you can receive all that i offer. 

I fill you. I fill your mind, your heart. I fill your body, your womb. 
I fill you with love, and I fill you with desire.
Could it, at last, be enough?

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