Thursday, July 30, 2009

and then they all jumped into a tub full of tobasco ..

I love the response to the last blog post. I laid a trap for potential visitors. Announced it out loud and put a sign saying "Trap here" and they all fell into it and burned a few mg's of their blood venting on my comments page. awwww

Few of them are regular bashers and cunts du jour (i say this with utmost affection ), but the one i liked the most was Douche muffin. Douche Fucking muffin. Yes he's a boy who calls himself Muffin. Douche Muffin. let me paint a picture of him. Definately not a gym boy (evening new age yoga classes with his "girl-pals", yes), definately wears glasses those metrosexual-herb kinds. is well versed with his emotional/sensitive sides crap. has no girl or super ugly girl or has a girl just so no one calls him out of his gay closet. These are the boys who get bahsed by the Men of the society and find solace in the unsexually charged platonic relationships with women. Oh yeah and they shop a lot and can color coordinate your curtains. Everyone please send a dildo to douche bag cunt muffin on his bud-day !!

his interests are ethenic cleansing !!! maybe if he cleansed all the real men he would get some pussy (assuming hes just fashionably bi) ?? or some respect ??? or feel less threatened ??

Many times i meet a lot of people who go at great lengths to find rare music/rare films / rare books so they can talk about them at social events or parties ! they will go through the said content and argue for and against it or with it till death as they adjust their black rimmed glasses. now i want to know whay is Michael Jackson not there in his favorite music or beatles. There possibly can't be someone who listens to popular music who doesn;t like michael jackson or beatles. One out of these two is a necessity. Why do we have to go write these unknown shites ??

now that;s not to say all people who listen to un-mainstream music are cunts. Lostlittlegirl who commented on my last post is a example. she listens to weird shit coz it makes her pussy flutter and fills her heart with joy and not coz she has to talk about it at parties. but it guys like cunt muffin that make my inner bozo thump. Ok anyhow i am going to address douche cunt;s comment now.

he says You should take your generic rock pedaling ass and get yourself an education in irony.

"pedaling Ass" Doesn;t say that all ? guy is not getting any cock and has reached a stage where internet gay porn doesn;t get his balls filled with cum. he goes on to puke further all over my comments page

Your inane, grammatically confused blather was amusing in a 'this shit is so bad, it's good' way, but this, your misogyny masquerading as catharsis, plunges new depths of vacuous, male bravado posturing, you fucking throwback to the 1970s rockstar cliche.

Obviously my True to myself Piss in the wind speak my mind writing caused his cock to fizz but being a good gay boy whose spend days and days platonically watching women talk about boys as they ask him to hold the eye pencil for them he has learned midgames,he will play to get his man.

I don;t know the meaning of misogny, catharsis or vacuous so i ignored that line. someone care to translate ?? he calls me a throwback to rockstar cliche. I took that as a compliment. Albeit from a queer frustrated metrosexual warming up his parents sofa with his cock demanding ass. I look forward to meeting such people who bring such joy and laughter to your life just by being them. So much so i even forgot about what the fuck was i planning to write.

anyhow the real answer
It's MY BLOG. I'll write whatever the fuck i want. The people who come here who know me know the fact behind
these stories and they know what my sentiments are about women and such. Every person has their own reality.
Just coz what happens in theirs is not congruent with yours doesn;t mean it's all "gas" or "bullshit"
or "fantasy". I know i am leading a good life when i gate hated upon. thank you all bazz-urds.
See you faster than a caster !!


LostLittleGirl said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha. Loved it!!! This is the real you..not that I think women are cunts crap, but then since it gives you so much joy calling them that, we shall let it be child ;)

Portia said...

more like megalit? :)
hm. interesting personality. this blog.

Kabir said...

Ouch Tabasco.

Ms. 868 said...

huge reader's crush on you

InExile said...

portia , i love your name !

ms.868, feel free to send your naked pictures !

BananaFish said...

If my blog wore knuckle-dusters it would read like yours. Top stuff.

Shadowthorne said...

Of course you can write anything you want here because it is your own blog.

I am amused, really. And yes, if they don't want to be angered, they should not step into this crowded street of yours. :P

Portia said...

I dont care! :D

Portia said...

hm.. and where would one send naked pictures of one if they were to reach you?

InExile said...

portia it says your profile isnt available ?

Portia said...

Link to the blog:

Leela said...

What utter bull. And porn too!

So what are you?
Frustrated and angry women don't pay enough attention to you, too wimpy a kid to even look into a woman's eyes or a lonely old man with too much time on his hands?


Portia said...

@leeladotmenon Do you know the blogger? Then what gives you the right to mouth off all over someone else's space?
I've known Inexile for a while now, and let me tell you, he is one of the best persons and definitely the most authentic I've ever met. You should be so lucky as to meet some one like him. And yeah, he is way more than what he seems on the blog.