Thursday, February 05, 2009

99 in the shade...

so i have been reading blogs this morning. a few things i noticed. People who have other links open up in a pop window - i consider bitches. I just find it very selfish. Most indian women bloggers really reallly suck. Their sense of entitlement is ozone-ish. and it's quite apparent their pussy's are cock dry (or full of worthless cock). i have a lot of friends who blog and bloggers who are my friends all around the world. if some of them stopped writing i would be very sad and the reason i like them is coz they talk real, don't use outlandish words to start post and aren't always super introspective as if in a woody allen film. WTF. but to each their own.

Sometimes there's so much that happen's that i think i'll blog about it tomm and tomm and tomm and whooosh two weeks gone and now i don't know what to blog about. but yeah i hate the whole idea of men goin back to their ex's and esp going back to ex's for sex (unless of course it's a mutually consentric fuck buddy situation). There are so many girls in the world ...why the ex ?? argghh ! well i was one of them once... sigh !

I hate Couples who coochie-coo on facebook. why can;t they just call or if you have to exhibit your lvoe to public then make out in front of everyone. The girl updates the status twice a date gets 9 comments 5 are from the boyfriend who obviously is marking terriroty. On facebook ??? fuck you... and the worst comes when they start cracking private jokes which no one else will get. urghhhh

My second most hated are the people who update their indirect emotional issues as statuses on facebook. like one i read yest... XXX is sad that some people will do things behind her back tho she knows what it is .." WAT THE FUCK. Just call them and confront them why would you want to tell the whole fucking world about it ??? Common sense was given to us all free of cost. Just that in your case it's buried deep under your ego and your false sense of inner reality.

There Anger relsea accomplished.

Superhottits called me and i don;t recall how but the conversation drifted towards she asking me if i was sad or she asking me if i was not happy .... and i realise Shit !! i am so fucking happy all the time for so long now. You couldn;t make me unhappy if you tried. i didnt win no lottery and i ain't sleeping with tera patrick but it's just inner happiness. everyday is a fucking sunday as i told someone the other day.
And to think i used to be so miserable and angry and bitter and what not not more than a year ago. YAY ! sorroundign yourself with uber motivating successful ambitious people also helps.

This is also scary a bit. I don't miss anyone. My best frend moved cities recently and she told me she misses me and i couldn;t say the same back to her. I am so fucking content with myself that i don;t need anyone else. i even have lunch and dinner alone. It tastes better than ever when you just focus on eating and not else shit. Even while socialising i am so fucking aware of myself and my inner state. Slowly i am relaising this. Social situations which used to make me nervy earlier don't get me. for crying out... i used to hate eating alone in a crowded trendy restaraunt. So many issues i had with so many people in my head.

Another thing is people i know from many years refuse to accept it. Coz in their reality people can;t change unless for the worse.. ha ha dear lord. So they still see me as the asshole. if i say "nice shoes" they think i am gonna make jokes about it. if i point out their behaviour pattern they snarl back. unlike yesteryears i don;t fuck off and walk away ... i give then time if they value me enough they will make attempts to be back if not then they were not meant to be my friends in the first place.

I recently did a house record. can you fuckin believe it ? Mr.hell bent for leather doing progressive house. turns out i am quite good at it. who would've fuckin thot eh ? here's a secret i am actually practicing mixing live in the studio. ha ha the live fuckin Dj ... not the ones who just 'play' the music and you wouldn;t believe if i told you ho wmany 'big' names do just that. i am so excited by the events the projects the life that i lead. it's just one of these days. I am out here in the world to amuse myself and i am fucking loving it.

Oh and yeah i got the best blow job of 2009 yesterday !


catmiester said...

my emotions when i read this post:

- Pissed ( how dare he point a finger at Indian women bloggers. n who the fuck said Indian women r not just getting the best sex in world, but they are best?!)
- Curious ( why's he venting it out against the world suddenly? Losing it or what? or is he disturbed about something?
- Nuetral ( he's ok... he's happy with the world, with life etc)
- Shocked ( Is he suddenly going spiritual or what? ... n he doesnt need neone.... n he has this renewed perspective on things?)
-Envious ( I wanna freaking be stoned every night and play Asian ?Underground somewhere... anywhere!)

InExile said...

Actually all this is a lie,i am really a 47 year old programmer living in my parents basement shagging 9 times a day to manga ! ;)

catmiester said...

U need to get a life in that case, mister!

ure blog needs an update!

Red said...

Confucius say," A blow job is the only thing in the world that can 'suck', and still be good"....

the saint said...

i can confirm that he is a bald potbellied program manager with a wig :-)

i like this one, and couldn't help laughing out loud at the last line

Go Z!

fishbowl said...

Hello there,
Thank you for the comment.
You can steal the line, sure, but let's be nice about it and tell me where.
A blow job eh, that's being fairly exhibitionist too isn't it.
You intrigue me

Product Junkie said...


Just came across ur blog!!! Bloody brillaint...

Completly agree with the couples and FB status msg's and other random coochie pooing they do in a public space... Like get a room!!!

Keep them coming....

Anonymous said...