Thursday, January 29, 2009

meet me in the ladies room ...

if there's any rare routine that i love, it's the day of the rock show routine. i was taking a shit on a recent show-day and i went back ten years when i was a kid and played guitar in school bands, a show day was full of nervousness etc. and here i am today not even thinkin about it. but showdays rock. There are very serious Thoughts that go on in my head on showdays;have to make sure there's unlimited beer after the show;do i feel like getting pussy ?; gtr check, wireless check, setlist check , leather pants check..

i love hangin out at the venue especially if it's green and late afternoonish and i absolutely absolutely love doing the soundcheck wearing sunglasses making the " don't mess with me" rockstar face. No matter how many times i do it, i can't supress my urge to show off to those 10-15 people that will always turn up for soundchecks. It's for these guys that i go up on the mic and tell the engineer to "throw more guitars on my monitor and reduce the vox". Like many unwritten rules in the "how to be a cool band" book, the rule of never let your audience catch glimpse of you between soundcheck and stage time. so that's the time to smoke around, joke around, makeout, have a drink (but never food) and get dressed.

There's always this 1 cent of nervousness no matter where you play but it goes away usually within ten seconds of show takeoff. like any other rock n roller i love a good audience especially lotsa cute girls in the front rows for me to wink at and make phone dial signals at. Which reminds me, goodygoodgirl who became a friend from being a fan and a friend i thot she was insists on flirting with me in front of her boy who she brings to every show. now it wouldn;t be much of a problem for me (tho she is supercute i dont wanna bang her) except it turns out that her boy is the brother of a very close friend of mine. Crap ! so everytime i see them i spent my talk pushing his image up in her eyes. If this isn;t charity what is ???

speaking of girls, now more than 3 other people around me have confirmed that woweyesmilf wants me. what i am not able to understand is, why am i not fucking her ? i mean she is reasonably hot and i love her eyes. but for some reason i don't even make as much an effort to even say hi to her. This is what happens when you get out of your head and are supremely conected to your inner core. your head tries fucking with you to regain power. anyhow it should be a interesting blog post the day i fuck her. Except i would have to deal with her emo issues and besides she is married. Is it worth all the trouble. no fuckin ways. Plenty of pretty girls in the world.

It's incredible there have been times i have felt (with diff girls at various points of time) that they were maybe the only right one (and i told them i loved them. i meant it sincierly at that time but now i realise it didn;t mean shit.). now coming from a mentality where i believe in exploring an echo system where there's abundance of pretty smart intelligent interesting girls, why the fuck would i want to dwell upon a random single girl if she shows warning signs ? many of my friends fail to understand that. now i don't get every girl i want, not all fo them can like me, but just coz a customer likes chinese food and you have a italian restaraunt doesn;t mean you will change the menu now will you ?

I have been on this reality shattering, self actualisation process of freedom of the self from

the ego and the mind. there are so many thoughts to pen down. any how the point of the post is that i love rock shows, i loev the fact that there are so many eligible girls around and i am fucking glad of being myself (the myself in the last 6 months) HEE HAWW !

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you DO get around, dontcha?